There is no better time than the one you spend doing something meaningful that adds substance to your life, don’t wait forever for opportunity to knock on your door, every new day is a new opportunity.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, Build a door. Milton Berle.

Don’t survive in life, thrive. Accomplishing your dreams will not be easy, Commit yourself to making it happen, The sooner you start working on it, the closer you are to it. At some point the problem will not be familiar hence difficulty landing on a solution. You don’t quit at anything, you just need to adjust your sails. Always be on the move, as they say time waits for no man, don’t look at the clock, adopt to doing what it always does, keep moving.

It is good to surround yourself with people that are on the move, since if you are not moved by your dream, you will move with a crowd that feels so, as we’ve already said you can only live once. don’t lag behind in a world of impossibilities and fear. Nothing is impossible for a willing soul. In life we face lots of challenges but these are meant to ignite our strength so we can accomplish that which we have always desired. At times we work very hard towards achieving something and when a challenge comes our way we loose the momentum.

Our mediocre ability is enough to keep us moving towards our dreams. With courage you can go any direction on your road map, it doesn’t matter the height of the mountain you need to climb, just believe that you can. Gather your strength and start off, you will surely realize when already at the destination. if you try you will never regret that you didn’t, If you fail you will have known one way that does not work, if you succeed you will have built confidence in trying another thing no matter its complexity. The limited time we have under the sun should be used to the fullest to the point that if you die now you will be proud of the legacy you leave. Learn to give yourself to something bigger than yourself and you will be an all time champion.

You are unique, what’s in you is what your were fashioned for, hence learn to live your life, make your own moves, don’t you be like a puppet, dancing to other people’s steps. Being true to yourself is really important, if you remain true to yourself you will do that which your heart desires and this is symmetrical to your dream,  which is your true definition. At this point you should have understood that your dream is your true self, Hence just as you can’t run away from your shadow, you cannot escape yourself, the dream.

When you have a dream you got to grab it and never let go. Carol Burnett.


Never limit anything you do, the limits you see should be what they really are, rivers you overcome, by building a bridge or in lesser situations you just use a log to cross. Limits you put in anything you do, have a humongous effect on your life, overcome the obstacle don’t use it to mark your Limit.

Nothing can stop a person that feels unstoppable, since the moment he thought himself invincible that he became. Your thoughts affect your life a big deal. What your mind says you can’t, you don’t even find the courage to try, but if you think you can, even if you try and fail you will surely try again and again because you know you can. From this I get to understand that I am what I think I am. Thinking you can’t, too has a solution, Just change your attitude. Stars are such a beautiful view to behold, but they only appear when its dark, so are legendary achievements they are experienced only when something nearly impossible has been achieved. If you want to achieve more than others just try handling more complex problems than they do.

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants. Isaac Newton.

Creativity is an aspect of life one should hold to heart, the most difficult times are those we feel we don’t know what to do, it is so, since we have not experienced such before and we’ve not seen or heard of others who went through the same and what they did in similar situations. Hence creativity is the only thing that can save you from quitting. How creative you are, equally measures to your success in life.

“No way through” on your road-map does not mean there is no town/city/village ahead, you just need to figure out a way that can navigate you to your destiny. Life, they say is full of surprises, you’ll be surprised at how much you miss if you don’t try and more surprises wait ahead for those that go from trying this to trying that. Don’t stop at anything, if you’ve always wanted to get to the top of Mt. Kanchenjunga and today you find yourself there, Mt. K2 will be shouting “I am taller than that”, this tells me that whatever your achievement is, you can always achieve better, bringing us to the fact that everyday brings a brand new opportunity to discover and accomplish more than what we’ve dreamt of.

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. Thomas A. Edison



Nothing comes easy but you can achieve anything as long as you have the drive to. Dream all you can but I assure you without determination and selfdrive you will never achieve your dream. No one wishes to live  a low life, everyone, even the begger on the streets has a great vision for their life. What fails us is that on our road to our dream world we shy away from the mountains we are required to climb, obstacles we should overcome and the difficult issues that we should resolve. Achievement calls for dedication, Be zealous for your dreams in order to accomplish them. We are worth having so many big things only that they don’t  come easy, all we need to do is press on no matter the circumstances. Always be confident in your abilities.

If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney

Running away from your problem is an habbit of the weak, the great people we see today had to overcome all the obstacles they met on their way  to their greatness. If you find a single chance in a million to do something that can stop  you from loosing what you want, just do it. Anything you do that is not adding up to your dream, is merely a waste of your precious time. Time is an expensive factor of your life don’t be extravagant with it.  You are defined by the unique self that is your soul, and your  soul alone has the content of your dream. You need to work out your dream in order to have your physical life fashioned according to the dream, so if this is not what you are working to achieve then you are defining a different person, who is not you. Like they say “Be yourself” you can’t be yourself while trying to live someone else’s life. You were created for a purpose, and since no one was born with a manual only your vision can describe your purpose. Learn to work towards your dream no matter the challenges.


Fear is the only weapon that fights against ourselves, you need to overcome fear for you to achieve anything you want in life. The challenges we face on our way make us stronger and the stronger we get the closer we are to our destination “the dream”.

You are not an assignee to living anyone else’s life, if so we could be obtaining copyrights. You don’t have to craft  biographies when you have very interesting chapters to include in an autobiography. First things first; you only live once, if you spend your life doing what is credited for someone else you’ll not have a second life to live your own. If you are waiting be sure time will never be just right, You need to start now with the tools you have, there’s no better time and better tools are realised from the productivenes of the basic tools you already have.


Life is only complete if we live it towards our dreams.


Today a journey begins!!! Join us lets walk through the desert to unleash the unknown. Lets disappoint fear by doing that which it hinders us. As we challenge fear, uphold integrity, simplicity and honesty,  we progressively realize greatness. This challenges you to live your life now, Give today the most since it’s the only fruitful day we are sure of. Yesterday is gone and we may not be here tomorrow to accomplish that which we schedule for tomorrow or that other day when we are like our heroes.

Everyone’s potential is inbuilt, if you keep comparing yourself with others, you will never get the courage to go out there and start trekking towards greatness. Those you feel are better and worthier compared to you, had to come out of their normal way of life and start living distinguished lifestyles, you do not expect to get different results from living the same lifestyle you’ve always lived. You need to step out of the familiar into the strange positives in order to achieve great results.

The great people we see today had to walk the dark path full of strange experiences and by doing this everyday, they learnt new things, which put into practice culminated into the greatness we see in them. No one has more potential, all of us were created able, in you are all the skills, strength and power to attain greatness. All you need to do is extract greatness from within you since it’s already there.

“Greatness is not measured by what a man or woman accomplishes, but by the opposition he or she has overcome to reach his goals.”  Dorothy Height

Responsibility is key in your journey to greatness; there is no success story with a person who only did that which was required of him to attain distinguished success. Every great achiever must have gone an extra mile. The eminence of what is extra is the direct equivalence to distinct greatness.

Great people will not look down on others, no matter how big or small you are you will always be important to them, because by appreciating other’s ability we learn a lot from them. Human compassion, self dignity, responsibility,  cooperation and focus build a great nation. You need these vital elements in your strategy of achieving greatness.

In life there’s nothing like ‘better than’. It’s all about trying to elicit the best out of oneself, practically with a leap of faith that people will appreciate it and due to our cooperation greatness will be realized and uniformity acknowledged.

Avoid procrastination, since today is the best day to start living your life the way you’ve always wanted it not the way it just happens.